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EFT Tapping - Feeling the Blues Or Too Much Clutter?

Where I come from, it is often said that one’s own environment is reflexion of one’s own mind. In fact, you can get a good grasp of somebody’s state of mind by taking notice of how they live and what their priorities are in the way they manage their homes.

To Carl Jung, when a house or home appears in a dream, it symbolises the dreamer’s mind - their entire psyche and personality. The state of the house or home will denote the state of the dreamer’s mind. The roof, for instance, represents the dreamer’s head - the conscious’ headquarters. The lower store represents the dreamer’s unconscious and instincts, whereas the kitchen is the room where all internal processes and transformations take place, just like in a lab.

A while ago I had a Kinesiology session and, amongst a few things, the practitioner detected that my body was intolerant to clutter. I wasn’t surprised that it had come up as a distress factor to me, as I do indeed find clutter unbearable, so much so that my own body made sure to let the therapist know about it.

After enduring a whole year of in and out of lockdowns, school holidays and home schooling, I couldn’t help but notice how much I had this urge of tiding up and cleaning my home as soon as I saw myself alone in it. Ok, you might even tease and tell me this is just “my OCD”, but the truth is, if the environment I’m in is not clean and organised, I simply cannot function in it.

The sound of cartoons on, Frozen’s theme song, eight hundred Mr. Men Show credits a day don’t seem to affect me as much as dirt and clutter do.

So this week I caught myself feeling the blues - I was quite lethargic, sleepy, sluggish and even sad, but I couldn’t figure out why, since I’m usually in a good mood and I normally need only 4-6 hours sleep at night.

Suddenly it occurred to me that my bathroom needed to be cleaned and perhaps the floor could do with some hoovering as well. So I did proceed to clean and tidy everything, hoover the floor, make the beds and do some washing as well. And, of course I was feeling so much better after I finished that I was able to enjoy a nice cup of tea with scones, clotted cream and raspberry jam.

Ok, I had the insight about my home needing a clean and I didn’t mess about when I figured it. But what happens when you don’t have the energy to organise and clean, or the mess and dirt are so overwhelming that you don’t even know where to start from?

What if I told you that a good few rounds of EFT Tapping can give you a good kickstart with that? It’s true. You don’t need a script, you don’t need a ‘Setup Phrase'. All you need to do is tap away as you repeat: “all this clutter/all this lethargy”. You may do it for as long as you wish.

EFT Tapping will shift your brain chemistry and so that stale, stagnated energy will circulate and change into better and healthier neural pathways. And before you know it you will be organising, cleaning and clearing your own environment as well. It isn’t magic, but it works like it.

I might sound silly, but finishing up with some nice colourful flowers and a pleasant scent can also help with making you feel good. It’s not just the ‘job done’ feeling, but by looking after your home you are looking after yourself as well. By giving yourself a nice, pleasant environment to live in you are telling yourself you how much you deserve the best.

So next time you are at home, feeling the blues, look around and check if it isn’t just your home asking for a bit of love. It will reflect right back at you.


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