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Emotional Freedom Techniques

“The Cause of all Negative Emotions is a Disruption in the Body’s Energy System”


EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, or Tapping is a talking therapy with a physical element - tapping on a few specific acupressure points as we speak, in order to re-establish balance in the body’s energy system and therefore effectively resolve emotional, psychological and even physical issues. 

EFT Tapping was developed by Gary Craig in the US, a former engineer, who later became a Performance Coach. He trained with Dr. Roger Callahan in TFT or Thought Field Therapy, in its early stages, but always had doubts about its efficacy. Through his work with clients, Craig rapidly realised he could simplify the TFT method by turning it into an universal tapping technique that would cover all of the body’s meridians at once, rather than treating each client with individual tapping sequences, as he had once learnt.

The combination of tapping on the acupressure points, as the client verbalises the right wording connected to the problem, causes a change in the brain's chemistry that allows the emotional blocks to be released, as the brain's amygdala diminishes in size (the brain area which responds to threat and stress in general) and the hippocampus increases (the brain area in which the evaluation process of life events and the finding of solutions take place). 

All that change in the brain's chemistry enables emotional and psychological shifts within the psyche of the client to happen and they are able to see and feel things from a different perspective. That’s how the treatment makes a difference for the client - it goes straight to the point.

EFT can be used for healing trauma, phobia, PTSD, anxiety and stress, as well as addictions and cravings. It supports weight loss, and it creates a focused, light and positive mindset for the client to achieve their goals.  

There is extensive scientific research linking EFT to epigenetics, neuroplasticity, memory reconsolidation, stress release and psychoneuroimmunology, which shows how our electromagnetic energy system is intimately connected to the molecules that carry information throughout our bodies and the benefits that sessions of EFT can provide in the client's life and health.

Working with EFT is a very rewarding job, as you can actually see the physical, emotional and psychological changes happening before your eyes as the sessions progress.  As a practitioner I am very proud and passionate about how I'm able to help people with EFT.

If you wish to discover more about EFT and the most recent developments in scientific research, I recommend the readings:


1. The Science Behind Tapping: A Proven Stress Management Technique For The Mind And Body,

Dr. Peta Stapleton PhD, Hay house UK.

2. The Tapping Manual: The Complete Guide to Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for Common Issues – Including Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Phobias, Weight ... Work, Family (The Tapping Series Book 7)

Dawson Church PhD, Kindle Edition.

3. EFT Tapping article published on Forbes.

4. The EFT International website has a session completely dedicated to scientific research.

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