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EFT And The Lotus Flower

When I chose EFT as my professional path, I did it not only because of how calm and relaxed I felt after a session, but also because it helped me to see things from a different perspective than I had seen up until that moment.

When Tapping (aka doing EFT) about “how disappointed I am at the person X for doing X, Y and Z to me”, yes, the disappointment and other related feelings subsided during the session, but not just that - EFT enabled me to access the perspective of the object of my fury. I even began to consider what they might have thought or felt when the event happened, or their probable reasons for doing what they had done.

Much more, Tapping made me recognise my half of the responsibility for how the whole situation had unfolded. It made the truth to emerge from the mixed emotions and ideas that my ego had been hiding and holding on to for so long. As the Lotus flower emerges from muddy waters and displays its beauty to the world, truth was also emerging from my subconscious.

On the other hand, EFT didn’t turn the person in question into a saint or make me blind to the dangers of trusting them again. On the contrary, it gave me clarity about certain aspects of their personality that were toxic, which could possibly hurt me again if I gave them the chance. Being able to be rational about something that had caused me such sorrow allowed me to chose not to have that person in my life anymore, but with the bonus of not feeling resentful about the whole situation.

Now that the disruptions in my energy system have been normalised, whenever I revisit those memories, they have zero impact in my feelings and emotions, but it doesn’t mean for a second that I want that person back in my life, as EFT has enabled me to see the truth and to be truthful about it.

The same happens when you use EFT to work on a phobia - or anything, really. You won’t go from not being able to enter a building just from hearing there’s a spider in there, to shoving your hands into a tarantula’s cage. The shaking, the sweats and the irrational reactions will cease, but you’ll still be aware of the fact that certain spiders are venomous and therefore you should act in a sensible manner.

The disruption in your energy system will subside when tapping and you will be able to go from a fight or flight motion to a rational state of mind. Your brain amygdala will decrease as your hippocampus will increase. New neurone pathways will be formed, you will feel more relaxed, more capable of finding solutions for things you weren't able to solve before. Consequently, your body will diminish the production of stress-related hormones, which are responsible for the destruction of your immune system and the cause of many other health problems. Also, it will start producing feel-good, health-related hormones - yes, you will be introduced to serenity, just like a recently bloomed Lotus Flower.

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