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Rewiring Your Heart With EFT

Years of research and many case studies on EFT has shown that its practice enables the rewiring of our brain into a much calmer state of mind and nervous system in general.

What many of us are not aware is that our heart also get the benefits from the practice of EFT.

It is now known by science - yet not so much known by us mortals - that our heart contains more than 50.000 neurones in itself and that it has a direct influence on how our brain processes 4 different jobs: our nervous system, the production of hormones, pulse waves and electromagnetic fields.

So, if tapping a trauma away means that you will become emotionally detached from those memories, then all the neurone pathways in your body have been rewired, including the ones in your heart. Isn't that your emotions on a whole that have been changed at the end of an EFT session after all?

When EFT improve your emotions, the signals the brain will send to the heart will be more even, orderly, and heart will respond in a much healthier way towards the brain regarding the production of hormones, pulse waves, electromagnetic fields and the nervous system in general.

With that in mind it makes much sense that someone living with a 'broken heart' is likely develop a series of other health issues such as a low immune system, mental illnesses, low levels of energy and even unexplained body pain - because the heart is centre of our soul and the carrier of our emotions. The heart is a mini brain in itself, and it needs care.

If a simple exercise of EFT can be proved very beneficial to how we breathe, and once we have a better breathing, our heartbeat rate becomes more restful, then it is easy to understand that having EFT as a therapy can improve our life quality much more than expected.

Have you ever tried EFT Therapy before?

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