EFT and Self-Love

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How much do you 'love and accept yourself'? In EFT we use a set up phrase to prompt our brain for the shifts which tapping will enable. It always starts with the acknowledgement of the issue, plus the emotion connected to it, followed by an affirmation of self-assurance. With that, the magic starts to work - you've entered the realm of brain chemistry change, emotion shifting, hence trauma freedom and so on.

But how do we really love and accept ourselves when we say "even though I have this skin problem - and it makes me so anxious, I love and accept myself anyway?"

What is self-acceptance? What is self-love?

There is a new wave of mature women allowing their hair to transit into grey, which I'd love to think it's not just a fashion statement, a new hair colour trend. I would rather think that we are making more natural choices guided by a spark of self-love and self-acceptance for who we really are.

After over a decade living in the UK and dealing with hard water and weather damage to my hair, I decided it was time to let it breath and take a break from dying it every couple of months. I am turning 41 soon and naturally my crown is beginning to show signs of maturity, so I had been colouring it for a while. I also mentioned to some people that I was not going to dye it anymore. All of them gave me the look of insult as if I had sworn at them.

The truth is I probably will dye it again, maybe get some chic 'caramel' high lights inspired by some some social media celeb. But for now, I am wallowing in an exercise of self-love and self-acceptance. And whenever I choose to colour my hair again, I will do it because I love it so much I want to make it even better, and not because I despise the grey strands on my head.

I often see people struggling with their weight, their skin, their bodies, their addictions and as a therapist you can tell when they choose to stay the way they are because they are perfectly comfortable within themselves, or because their self-hatred is such that they wouldn't move a finger to change their situation. Or even, some people would spend their lives fruitlessly fighting these issues off, not knowing that no change can be achieved on the outside - body or life - if our motivation is coming from a self-disgust perspective.

The whole idea of self-love and self-acceptance is that - No, you don't have to give up on changing things that you're not happy about yourself, nevertheless whatever changes you're trying to achieve must come from a place of self-love, of self-care and self-preservation.

So are you choosing to take on plastic surgery because you love yourself or because you hate yourself?

Remembering that love will generate a frequency that will connect you with certain health professionals, and hate will connect you with others, which one would you choose? How much do you love and accept yourself anyway?

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