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Thank you so much to some of my wonderful clients who were kind enough to allow me share their comments here.



"My name is F.S.M. I’m from Brazil and I’m a hypnotherapist. I suffer from ulcerative colitis, which is an autoimmune condition. I had heard before about tapping therapy but had never tried, until Juliana offered me a few sessions. As a researcher of complimentary and alternative methods of therapy myself, I decided to give it a try to see how my body would respond to it and I had very positive results. 

As Juliana explained to me, working with EFT is like cutting down trees from your emotional forest - by chopping down the biggest trees, they bring the smaller ones down along as they fall, and it really felt as if big emotional trees were cut down from my own emotional forest, which resulted in a big difference in the inflammatory process related to my condition - straight in our first session. After the first session, the symptoms gradually continued to improve as we worked directly on the emotional issues that are strictly connected to it. I was amazed by the results we achieved in only three sessions and today I feel great. I totally recommend EFT and Juliana as a therapist."





"My name is AP and I had a remarkable experience with Ju & EFT that changes my life for great!

Juliana was recommended by a friend of mine and EFT was really new to me at that time. As I have a passion for holistic therapies, personal growth, and self-knowledge I have decided to try it. It is not a surprise to me that we can heal our body with many beautiful techniques such as meditation, yoga, reiki etc but tapping and talk out loud  about negative feelings?! Gosh were so powerful! I had few sessions with Ju. Went to see her for one reason and ended up discovering others deep negative emotions trapped so profoundly in my body/mind and soul. Ju and the technique assisted me to overcome a problem with my hair that I was avoiding to face for so many years! EFT is magical if you decide to really go for it! In my case, I feel relieved, free and ready to face others shadows in my life. I recommend the beautiful Juliana who was very supportive and embraces my problem with love. Many thanks, Ju!"





"I have been in- and- out of different therapies throughout my life without noticing any bigger shifts. But with just a few sessions with Juliana and EFT I have had major breakthroughs in several parts of my life. I feel happier, more energised and have started to get an "I can do it - attitude". I can't recommend Juliana enough! "







"My name is N. S., I’m a 45 year old nurse and I’m so happy I’m now able to give my life a fresh start after I had EFT therapy. Before having EFT I was going through serious personal problems, at home, with my mum, in my health and my professional life. A couple of years ago I had a bad accident at work, which left with a very bad knee and a lot of pain. I also had many doubts on which path to take in my professional life, since I wouldn’t be able to carry on being a hands on nurse anymore due to my accident. After a few sessions of EFT I was able to understand how my mum’s narcissistic personality had been interfering with how I lived my life, and I was able to emotionally distance myself from her behaviour. The pain on my knee also improved so much with the sessions, as we identified the emotional triggers that were making it worse, and that allowed me to join Pilates classes and change my eating habits, which resulted in me losing 24kg. I was also able to decide which direction to take in my professional life and so I decided to take a job  in the admin area of my hospital, instead of completely leaving the job and starting something totally different as it had crossed my mind at some point. I totally recommend Juliana as an EFT therapist!"

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